Welcome to the Terra Preta Program!

International conferences in 2016
Several international conferences related to soils, terra preta, and/or biochar will take place this year.  Click on the name of the conferences to visit their sites and get more information.
- The 3rd Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference, 19-23 October, Gangwon, Korea.
- The EUROSOIL 2016 conference, 17-22 July, Istanbul, Turkey

The Terra Preta Program started in January 2010. It is a 5-year long international and interdisciplinary program focussing on anthropogenic soils (also known as "terra preta") that are found in the Amazon basin. The basic idea of the program is summarized in the program's full name: 

"Terra Preta de Índio ─ Recovering the Past, Regaining the Future of Amazonian Dark Earths"

In this webpage you will find information about our program, the research topics on which we are focussing, as well as general information on terra preta

This program is being funded by the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) of Wageningen University.

Visit us regularly to keep informed of our progress!!

NEW call for Brazilian PhD. candidates

CAPES, the scholarship funding agency of the Ministry of Education in Brazil has opened its scholarships abroad program for Brazilian aspirant PhDs (info for full PhD here, for sandwich PhD here). If you are interested in developing your research within the interdisciplinary framework of the Terra Preta Program, please contact us!



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