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International conferences in 2016
Several international conferences related to soils, terra preta, and/or biochar will take place this year.  Click on the name of the conferences to visit their sites and get more information.
- The 3rd Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference, 19-23 October, Gangwon, Korea.
- The EUROSOIL 2016 conference, 17-22 July, Istanbul, Turkey

The Terra Preta Program started in January 2010. It is a 5-year long international and interdisciplinary program focussing on anthropogenic soils (also known as "terra preta") that are found in the Amazon basin. The basic idea of the program is summarized in the program's full name: 

"Terra Preta de Índio ─ Recovering the Past, Regaining the Future of Amazonian Dark Earths"

In this webpage you will find information about our program, the research topics on which we are focussing, as well as general information on terra preta

This program is being funded by the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) of Wageningen University.

Visit us regularly to keep informed of our progress!!





Fifth International Workshop of the Terra Preta Program, 29-31 August, Piracicaba, Brazil 

Between August 29th and 31st, 2016, will happen in ESALQ - Piracicaba, Brazil, the ‘Fifth International Workshop of the Terra Preta Program’. The Terra Preta Program is an international and  interdisciplinary research program, funded by Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and by Embrapa, that since 2010 has been focusing on different aspects related to the origins, current use and re-creation of anthropogenic soils. About 60 specialists from different fields (archaeologists, soil scientists, agronomists, ecologists, anthropologists, etc.) and from several Brazilian (Embrapa, UFPR, UFAM, Unesp, USP, UFOPA, MPEG, INPA, IIS) and international institutions [Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Martin-Luther University (Germany), Rhodes University (South Africa), Bonn University (Germany), Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), SINCHI (Colombia), ATB (Germany)] will be present at the event, during which they will present their latest research findings, reflect critically about the main achievements and gaps of the Terra Preta Program and identify avenues for future research. Another main goal of the workshop will be to catalyse interactions between participants, aiming to maintain, strengthen and establish collaborations between researchers and institutions from Brazil and from abroad. More information coming soon.

Preannouncement call for proposals talent fund Wageningen University

This summer, the university will open a call for talented young researchers who are interested in starting a career at Wageningen University. Funding will be provided by the Wageningen Graduate Schools together with central university funding. The call will be open as of half August 2016.

 The aim of the call is to:

1. offer talented researchers from abroad the opportunity to start a career at Wageningen University;

2. help build strategic alliances between Wageningen University and institutes abroad.

What can be applied for? Talented, eligible researchers can apply for a one-year position in one of the Wageningen University research groups. This funding may lead to these researchers writing an application for personal funding here in the Netherlands. An amount of in total € 65,000 will be available to be spent on salary costs for one year for the applicant. Wageningen University will have € 50,000 available for funding. Funding conditions: 1) The Wageningen University host lab will pay the research costs and will contribute € 15,000 to salary costs. 2) Projects should strengthen collaboration with strategic alliances. Wageningen University will be able to fund 6 proposals, 1 per graduate school. The application form will be available half August 2016.

Who can apply? Funding will be available for postgraduates who have been awarded a doctorate in the two years preceding the deadline. Applicants who have not yet been awarded their PhD degree may only apply if their supervisor provides a written declaration approving their thesis. All applications should involve movement between countries, and focus on: i) To what extent will the project be beneficial for the applicant’s career and successful grant applications in the future and ii) how will the application help build a collaboration between institutes.

When? This call is a pilot and will be organised once a year for two years. Deadline for application is 1 November 2016.


1.     Quality of the applicant

2.     Quality of the proposal

3.     Quality of the collaboration, will the proposed research strengthen collaboration between institutes

Procedure and timeline

Deadline for application: November 1, 2016

Awarding grants: End of 2016

For more information, please contact Ingrid Vleghels (


NEW call for Brazilian PhD. candidates

CAPES, the scholarship funding agency of the Ministry of Education in Brazil has opened its scholarships abroad program for Brazilian aspirant PhDs (info for full PhD here, for sandwich PhD here). If you are interested in developing your research within the interdisciplinary framework of the Terra Preta Program, please contact us!



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