Links to other organizations/institutions/programs working on Terra Preta related aspects.

- TPI Network - Collaborative research network coordinated by researchers from the UK and Brazil, focusing on anthropogenic ecosystems.

- ARQUEOTROP - Laboratório de Arqueologia dos Trópicos - Archaeological research done by the Tropical Archaeology lab, University of São Paulo.

- STEPS Centre - Research on biochar and anthropogenic dark earths in Africa, done by the University of Sussex, UK.

- Cultivated Wilderness - A Swedish-Brazilian project looking at land-use and settlement patterns in pre-Columbian Amazonia.

- Up and down in Moxos - Research on landscape archaeology in Bolivia, done by Dr. Umberto Lombardo

- Anthropological landscapes in the upper Xingu river- Research done by Dr. Michael Heckenberger (University of Florida)

- Bolivian-German Archaelogical Project in Moxos, Bolivia (PABAM)

- Soil Biogeochemistry & Soil Fertility Management Program of Cornell University

- Studies on black carbon in the Amazon - Research done by by the group of Dr. A. Zimmerman (University of Florida)

- Terra Preta by Gerard Bechtold - General information about Terra Preta compiled by G. Bechtold, including a map with the location of terra preta sites in Brazil.

- The International Biochar Initiative - NGO supporting different stakeholders committed to sustainable biochar production and use

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